Campagnolo Shamal Mille Clincher Wheelset 2015

Campagnolo Shamal Mille Clincher Wheelset 2015
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Perhaps the ultimate clincher wheel for any Campy enthusiast, the Campagnolo Shamal Mille wheelset carries on the exceptional reputation of the Shamal name. The Shamal wheels were first introduced in the 90’s and have remained a favorite among clincher users, thanks to their amazing durability and performance.

With a weight of only 1426g, they’re in a very competitive realm as wheels you can train on all week, then race on the weekend. The medium height differentiated rims--23mm front, 27mm rear--provide amazing handling in all conditions and wind directions. The special chemical treatment of the rims, Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation, and spiral groove braking surface create unbelievable braking performance. Used with the blue Campy brake pads for alloy wheels, or the red pads that can be used with either alloy or carbon wheels, the Shamal Mille will never leave you needing more stopping power.

Thanks to the G3 rear spoke pattern, fourteen drive side, seven non-drive side spokes, every watt of power you exert into the pedals is turned into forward motion. Increased pedaling efficiency means less wasted energy, and that’s always a bonus. With a radial spoke pattern in front, and sixteen of the same aero-bladed aluminum spokes used in the rear, the front wheel provides pinpoint handling in all wind conditions. Combined with the incredible USB ceramic bearings, these wheels are demonically fast, which compliments the striking matte black finish of the wheelset.

The aluminum spoke nipples are laced into the rims from the valve hole, leaving the rim bed smooth, eliminating the need for a rim strip, further reducing weight. Along with the oversized aluminum axles and carbon hub shells, the entire wheel system is designed to be light, stiff, and very responsive. Sprinting and climbing become easier by simply installing the wheels!

Unlike many other super-light wheels on the market, another hallmark of the Campy wheels is the use of a traditional closed cam quick release skewer. Closed cams produce greater clamping force in the dropouts, as well as virtually eliminate any possibility of accidentally opening at the wrong time. With all these features, the Shamal Mille wheelset is destined to remain a legend.

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