ENVE SES 6.7 G3/DT-240 Clincher Wheelset 2015

ENVE SES 6.7 G3/DT-240 Clincher Wheelset 2015
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Part of the reason PowerTap paired with ENVE in putting power meters with rims is that ENVE rims are so strong you can beat them every day and race them on the weekends and they won't be the worse for wear—even if you're indulging in cyclocross. The ENVE SES 6.7 PowerTap G3 Clincher Wheelset is both a durable wheelset for training and a scary-fast wheelset for racing.
PowerTap provides the rear hub that is packed with strain gauges and electronics. It's one of the most reliable meters on the market, and it sends a wireless ANT+ signal that can be read by innumerable head units, watches, and even phones. It's virtually fool-proof, accurate to 1.5%, has a battery users can replace, and if anything goes wrong, the electronics can be pulled from the hub and sent back separate from the wheel. Naturally, you can specify which cassette body you want, Shimano/SRAM 10/11 or Campagnolo 9/10/11. This cassette body can easily get pulled and swapped if you ever choose to switch component systems.
ENVE provides their SES 6.7 carbon clincher rims. The SES rims are different from the heard in several ways, the most obvious being the shallower front paired with a deeper back. 60mm deep, 26mm wide front with a 70mm deep, 24mm wide back. These wheels are designed as a system, which is to write not only work together but also with a bike. Besides making fast wheels, ENVE wanted stable wheels. Wheels that people could confidently steer in variable crosswinds. So they tuned the shapes, particularly of the front wheel, so that the side forces you feel at the handlebar increases/decreases in a linear fashion with the yaw angle. This makes them more predictable and easier to handle.
These wheels are also incredibly strong. The spoke holes have been molded rather than cut and the interior shelf has been designed with internal spoke nipples in mind—higher tension makes for stronger wheels. The rim walls are incredibly strong as well, as ready as aluminum alloy to take a beating. And the lay-up at the brake track offers heat dissipation unlike anything else. In lab conditions, they simulated braking under 225lb loads and the ENVE rims are actually cooler than some aluminum rims. Keeping the rim temperature low is not only good for safety, but also for consistent, predictable braking.
We mentioned up above that these wheels have been designed as a system. Part of that system are the brake pads, which come with the wheels. They couldn't find anything that was perfect, so they designed their own. They're also necessary for the warranty. Also included with the wheels are rim strips, valve extenders, and titanium-shafted ENVE skewers.
There are two hub options. One is a DT Swiss 240 front hub with a PowerTap G3 rear, the other is Chris King R45 Ceramic front with a G3C rear. The "C" stands for ceramic bearings, which roll smoother and save you another 10g. Both are built 20/24 with DT Swiss Aerolite spokes, radial lacing in front, two cross in back. The DT Swiss weigh 1701g for the set, while the Chris King weigh 1690g.
ENVE fabricates their composite components in Utah, a fact they believe makes a real difference. They're so confident in them that they not only have a five-year warranty on their products, but they also have a lifetime crash replacement policy where they'll replace any destroyed ENVE product for 50% of MSRP, provided the customer has the paperwork to prove original ownership.
ENVE SES 6.7 PowerTap Clincher Wheelset tells you what you surely know; these wheels kill.

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