ENVE SES 6.7 G3/DT-240 Tubular Wheelset 2015

ENVE SES 6.7 G3/DT-240 Tubular Wheelset 2015
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Tubulars can change the wheel equation. The lighter construction means accelerations and climbing are easier. Adding a PowerTap hub means you can measure the efforts as you speed away from the competition. This is why ENVE works with PowerTap to turn the SES 6.7 Tubular wheelset into a metering device.
PowerTap is among the lightest and most reliable power meters on the market. It's small, packed around the rear hub so the minimal added weight is barely felt, you don't need to mount anything extra on your frame, and the reading is very stable. The hub sends a wireless ANT+ signal, which is read by lots, and lots of head units, wrist-mounted computers, and can even work with smart phones. It's accurate to 1.5%, utilizes easily-sourced, easily-replaced CR2032 batteries, and if there's ever a problem, you can contact PT, they'll send you a replacement, you send the electronics back, and you'll still have the wheel for riding and racing.
ENVE's SES 6.7 Tubular rims are the serious racers choice. As the middle-depth of their SES lineup, it does everything well, from climbing to flat races to time trials. ENVE takes the position that stability in crosswinds is of paramount importance, they both tune the wheels, particularly the front, for linear steering response as well as aerodynamics. As a result, they suggest that anyone can handle these wheels in still conditions, but experienced racers will be more likely to handle these well on blustery days.
Which is fine, because the faster you go, the more these wheels make a difference. These are faster than the SES 3.4's, thanks to the 60mm deep by 26mm wide front wheel and the 70mm deep and 24mm wide rear wheel. Most know that deep rims are fast, but making the rims wide also contributes to the wheels ability to slice the wind. The width, because it's as wide or wider than the tire, changes the relationship between the two and smoothes the airflow between the two. It also helps reduce rolling resistance and improves cornering. For tubular tires, it increases the gluing surface area, which means a more secure grip on the tire, further reducing the risk of rolling a tire.
The extra width also helps with keeping the brake track cool. The temperature at the brake track affects braking, and the cooler, the better. ENVE, as a composites specialist, worked hard to get the lay-up of carbon-fibers to do a better job of dissipating heat. They did such a good job, that in lab conditions, the 6.7 rims actually run cooler than some aluminum rims.
The other part of this equation is the pad material. As ENVE makes the wheels as a system, they also designed the brake pads to work with their brake tracks. The pads are included, and should be used, as it's part of the warranty. The wheels also come with valve extenders and titanium-shafted ENVE skewers.
There are two hub options. One is a DT Swiss 240 front hub with a PowerTap G3 rear, the other is Chris King R45 Ceramic front with a G3C rear. The "C" stands for ceramic bearings, which roll smoother and save you another 10g. Both are built 20/24 with DT Swiss Aerolite spokes, radial lacing in front, two cross in back. The DT Swiss weigh 1649g for the set, while the Chris King weigh 1638g.
ENVE fabricates their composite components in Utah, a fact they believe makes a real difference. They're so confident in them that they not only have a five-year warranty on their products, but they also have a lifetime crash replacement policy where they'll replace any destroyed ENVE product for 50% of MSRP, provided the customer has the paperwork to prove original ownership.
The ENVE SES 6.7 PowerTap Tubular Wheelset gives you the objective feedback you need to go even faster.


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